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Whether it's in Leadership, Management or Life, like sailing, each require a series of course adjustments for us to arrive at our desired destination, that is, our own unique True North.


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Uncover, Up-level, Unleash 

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This may hurt – but the skills that got you here are not necessarily the skills needed to reach your next level of management, leadership, and you. Thankfully, Charlie Marinelli can get you there with a world-class blend of life, leadership, and management experience.

Perfectly balancing inspirational, motivational, experience, wisdom and knowledge, Charlie challenges and empowers his clients to overcome obstacles head on; successfully uncovering their own unique values, nurturing an authentic leadership style, setting rousing sustainable goals for life and, ultimately, finding their own 'true north'.

Charlie Marinelli, CPCC, CM, DISC

Certified Professional C0-Active Coach, Change Management, DISC Behavioral


Charlie brings 40 years' combined experience in executive management, leadership and coaching. (Three decades of this is directly corporate experience). Not to mention he has a hunger for life, insatiable passion for the art and science of coaching, and a sixth sense for impactful, lasting up-levelling.

As an adrenaline-fuelled, travel-hungry adventurer, Charlie has bungee-jumped, mountain-climbed and sky-dived his way across 40 countries, as well as taking on endurance challenges such as long-distance swimming to Alcatraz and reaching Everest base camp.

Suffice to say, Charlie excels at turning the impossible into the possible. In turn, helping his clients to “wake up” and find their own unique journey towards happiness, fulfilment, creativity, and to live into their own full potential.

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Truly impactful, lasting transformations are built on Charlie’s guiding principles of respect, integrity, honesty, trust, authenticity, kindness, communication, relationships, empathy, and a commitment to excellence that inspires leaders and managers to thrive by putting their people at the fulcrum.


As a values-based leadership and management coach, Charlie facilitates authentic connections, curiosity and passionate inspiration to create a space for honest self-awareness, undiscovered possibilities and ultimately, freedom.

What are your guiding principles?

What Is Executive Coaching

Charlie sees his clients as already naturally creative, resourceful and whole.


Acting as their leadership and management 'thought-partner', his unique coaching alchemy empowers them to look inwards, ask themselves the right questions and transform their self awareness to uncover their true selves lurking beneath.


Whether it's setting goals and achieving outcomes, or clearing obstacles and breaking down the walls of limitation, it's a confidential relationship and an intimate, personal discovery of self awareness.


It's teaching people how to fish. Not handing them the catch.


“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”


Executive Coaching Assessments

Acting as their leadership and management 'thought-partner', his unique coaching alchemy empowers them to look inwards, ask themselves the right questions and transform their self awareness to uncover their true selves lurking beneath.


Individual 360

Integral to delivering lasting and impactful change, is seeing the whole picture. A 360 Assessment is about far more than a client just gaining multiple-peer feedback and actionable pointers for a clearer understanding of their contributions.



Leaders become more naturally effective when they not only understand their own temperaments and sensitivities, but can flex and adapt to the unique styles of others... 



Our values absolutely fuel our actions, emotions and behavior. Transforming our inner world and changing our perceptions of, and reactions to it. Values are the things that the pills can't reach. If something doesn't feel right, then very often it'll be because 


Workshops and Facilitation

1:1 Skills 

Statistics show, that people don't leave companies, they leave their managers. Charlie's 1:1 Skills Coaching Workshop is an opportunity for managers to connect or reconnect with their people, while building trust and empowering each team member.

Coaching Skills

According to “Google’s Project Oxygen”, coaching skills are the number one skill of an effective manager and leader.  If you are seeking the wherewithal to flourish into a better leader or manager, this is a must “tool” to be sharpened in your toolbox.

Feedback Models

Feedback is a Gift! As we all know from experience, people cannot improve on things they are unaware of. 

This skill is one of the most prevailing skills, which holds the greatest opportunity to build trust and inspire your people, by cultivating their development and well-being.

Career Development

When it comes to coaching for performance and ongoing career development, strengthening your employees' knowledge, skills and confidence is the order of the day

Skills 2
Values Clarification

Our own individual Values, or quite often referred to as Guiding Principles, have a profound influence in every area of our lives!


In management & life, there’s no such thing as a one size fits all approach for communication.  When it comes to communication effectiveness it goes without saying, that everyone is unique and different with the way they want and need to be communicated with

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Group Coaching

Leveraging the experience, resources, knowledge and wisdom of your greatest assets, your people, as they work together towards a common goal or purpose.



Others who have taken this journey before you

"Meaningful Experience" 

"This has been an extraordinarily meaningful experience for me. Charlie uses proven tools for executives while also using intuition and flexibility to make the most of each of our sessions. I use and talk about what we've done together every day"

~ C-Suite Counsel

"Mind Opening"

"I have to admit, I wasn't sure what to expect from the coaching sessions before we started. But I've found them to be not only mind-opening, but also very invigorating. Charlie has helped me think about things in different ways, and also presented new ideas to consider. All of which I have enjoyed very much. After each session with Charlie, I feel a renewed sense of spirit and strength to go about my work and life."

~ Partner Law Firm

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